If you’re a passionate DIYer – or simply budget conscious – then you may feel motivated to manage your upcoming construction or remodeling project on your own. And you know what? If you can take care of such a large, multifaceted project by yourself, more power to you! Wherever there’s a will, there’s a way.

That said, here’s a pro tip from a general contractor: you really do want to hire a general contractor. A competent Minnesota general contractor will make your life easier, make your property better than any layman could manage, and ultimately save you money. Here’s the value you can expect a great general contractor to provide!


A General Contractor Saves You Time

If it isn’t carefully managed, a remodel or construction project’s timeline can easily stretch months longer than it has to. A layman may not know which permits have to be pulled. They may not know the correct order in which to schedule subcontractors – and merely scheduling those various subcontractors’ timely arrivals at the job site can be quite time consuming.

Reviewing subcontractors’ bids, evaluating the quality of their work, sourcing construction materials, meeting with inspectors, and the myriad other steps that go into orchestrating a project really pile on if you don’t know what you’re getting into upfront!


A General Contractor Saves You Money

This may seem counterintuitive. How can you save money by paying extra money for a general contractor’s services? Easily. For starters, a general contractor significantly reduces overhead costs by accelerating the pace of the project. They ought to have already identified which construction materials will withstand wear and tear, thus reducing the need for costly repairs in the near and distant future.

A general contractor exploits the economy of scale by purchasing construction materials in bulk – real savings that would ideally pass on to their clients. And because a general contractor is accountable for such a large portion of their loyal subcontractors’ incomes, they typically pay lower rates for labor as well. In short, by hiring a general contractor, you’re taking advantage of all their frugality!


A General Contractor Saves You a Headache

Even a smaller home improvement project can be pretty complex – especially if it requires the expertise of a plumber and/or electrician. Keeping track of everything that has happened at your property and what needs to happen next can quickly become an exercise in herding cats. And that’s assuming you have nothing else to do, which is highly unlikely in this barbarically busy era we all occupy together. But when you have a general contractor, staying apprised of your project’s status becomes as simple as making a phone call.

A general contractor’s team of subcontractors will save you time and money for the aforementioned reasons. But because those subcontractors were all carefully vetted beforehand, they will also spare you from inconvenience by showing up when scheduled, completing their tasks quickly, and delivering results that will withstand the tests of time and Minnesota’s harsh weather.

Better yet, an accountable general contractor stands by their work. If your project fails to meet your expectations for any reason, you can count on your general contractor to remedy the situation. Good luck getting the same outcome if you manage your own team of fly-by-night subcontractors!


A General Contractor Can Save You Legal Trouble

Licensed. Bonded. Insured. A general contractor is usually quick to point out that they have these qualifications, and for good reason: they give their clients peace of mind that workplace accidents won’t turn into alarmingly expensive lawsuits.

An experienced general contractor is also well versed in local codes and regulations. By ensuring their subcontractors’ work satisfies those codes in full, your general contractor will spare you the stress and expense of scrambling to comply with them after the fact. A little bit of foresight prevents a whole world of pain!

Would you like to hire a general contractor who will save you time and money – and safeguard you against inconvenience and legal problems? Then we welcome you to contact Wensmann Contractors today! We serve the greater St. Cloud, MN area for all its home building, remodeling and addition needs, and we’re also standing by to undo any damage the Midwest’s tempestuous weather can cause to your most valuable investment.