Custom Built Home Week One

We would like to take you on the journey of a custom built home. This journey begins months prior to any site prep.
The first step in a custom built home is to decide on a floor plan while also discussing your budget. We at Wensmann Contractors do not limit you to A, B, or C floor plan. We ask what you would like in your home and how you would like it to look, after all it is your dream home. Once we have a floor plan, then the customer makes Siding, window, and shingle selections.
This week we have installed the foundation, water protection and drain tile for the new home.
This past week we have made many material selections for the new home, Interior and Exterior doors, Interior trim style, Cultured Marble bathroom counter tops, Plumbing choices, and are thinking of flooring choices.

Custom Built Home Week Two

Sometimes the process on a new home looks a little slow. Like this past week, we had some rain, and working around our sub-contractors schedules as they work on multiple projects at a time.
This past week Lange Trenching took care of backfilling, Mechanical Brothers put in the underground plumbing, and Beuning Masonry poured the concrete floors. As you can see, by the time the project is completed there will be many people involved with the custom built home project.
The homeowners are happy with the progress and are looking forward to every week.