Storm Damage Repair in Central Minnesota

Has heavy hail, record snow or strong wind damaged your home or lake cabin’s exterior in the greater St. Cloud, MN area? Choose a skilled, local and family-owned contractor for storm damage repair in Central Minnesota. Call Wensmann Contractors today!

We Do Storm Damage Repair Right

Our extensive experience ensures you’ll receive thorough inspection, high-quality materials and industry-leading craftsmanship that fully satisfy manufacturers’ warranties. You’ll enjoy real peace of mind that your most valuable possession is fully protected once more.

We Do Storm Damage Repair Fast

Time is of the essence whenever roofing and siding repairs are concerned – especially when those crucial features no longer repel cold air and precipitation. And because we have established relationships with multiple local, reliable suppliers, material shortages won’t needlessly delay your much-needed repairs.

We Handle the Insurance Claims Process

We work with all homeowners insurance providers. We will streamline your insurance claims process, and make certain you are compensated for comprehensive storm damage repair. We’ll also keep you apprised of our progress every step of the way.

When you need storm damage repair done right, contact Wensmann Contractors!