Choose a Contractor Who Deserves Your Trust

Your home isn’t just your most valuable possession. It is your personal refuge, and it may be the greatest symbol of your devotion to taking care of your family. Whether you are building a new house, addition or deck, in need of emergency repairs after a storm, or planning to update your kitchen, bathroom or basement, you deserve a contractor who will treat your project with the respect it deserves.

That means treating you with respect. Many home renovation companies forget that crucial detail nowadays, which is why it’s important to choose the right contractor for your upcoming construction or remodeling project. They won’t just deliver quality work that meets your budget and timeframe. They will also make you a partner in your project by answering all of your calls, keeping you completely up to date on their progress, and facilitating the planning, budgeting and execution phases of your project.

How to Choose a Contractor You Can Trust

When they are reliable, a contractor’s performance will fall right in line with your expectations. That’s because they will tell you what to expect at the onset of your project – and then proceed to deliver exactly that, every step of the way. A reliable contractor doesn’t just make your life easier during the scheduled phases of your project. You also know you can count on them to answer their phone (or at the very least return your call quickly), and to always be available to provide updates on your project.

When they have integrity, a contractor will never misrepresent facts or dodge questions for their own benefit. They will provide quick, clear and correct answers to any inquiries you might have, even if doing so reveals that their team has made mistakes. A truly honest contractor will proactively acknowledge their mistakes, and immediately set to work correcting them – without being asked to.

When they are committed, a contractor clearly didn’t enter their line of work simply because they enjoy building and remodeling and can make a good living at them. They also understand that all trades must be accompanied by excellent customer service. No one is fully satisfied by quality workmanship alone! That’s why they will go above and beyond to help you navigate every phase of your project, including the insurance claims process if needed.

When they are skilled, a contractor knows how to do more than make promises. They know how to deliver on them as well, which is of obviously greater importance. By demonstrating their skill, a contractor also shows they have truly dedicated themself to their profession. One can only master their craft by winning the trust of a countless number of past clients.

Your Trust Is Our Greatest Asset

At Wensmann Contractors, we’re committed to earning your trust. We understand that predictable results, total transparency, constant communication and industry-leading experience are all indispensable to outstanding service. And that is the only service we strive to provide.

Your home is precious to you – and your trust is worth just as much to us.

Contact a contractor who is committed to earning your trust today!