As a general contractor serving Central Minnesota and the greater St. Cloud area, Wensmann Contractors has remodeled our fair share of lake homes. A lakehouse remodel isn’t dramatically different from an inland one. Owning a piece of primo lakeside real estate doesn’t necessarily mean you want a special backsplash, kitchen island and floor. That said, many lake home owners often do want certain special features. Here are the ones we’ve noticed are most popular!


Decks and Patios

This probably comes as no surprise, but people who live in lake homes love spending as much time outdoors as possible. Adding an elevated deck to your property will give you an even better view of your paradisiacal surroundings as you idle away your free hours.

Patios are also coveted by lake home owners. Even if you only use your patio for grilling and inflating large, colorful animal-shaped floaties, you’ll be glad to have that hard, flat surface at your disposal. It’s all about adding ideal outdoor spaces to unwind and contemplate life in!


Multiple Lounging Areas

“Spending time at the cabin with friends and family.” Ask a few Minnesotans to identify their favorite pastimes and that one is sure to pop up. But Minnesotans don’t enjoy being confined to close quarters with their friends and family – especially when some of them are rambunctious children who love screaming and watching Disney movies at maximum volume – which is why multiple lounging areas are always in high demand. They let houseguests spread out, have their own space, and achieve their most sociable moods before reconvening for shared activities.


Gorgeous Kitchens

Cooking at home is routine – something you do so you don’t starve. But cooking at the lake home? That’s a special occasion which calls for a perfect kitchen. Our clients love tiles, wallpaper and other accents that depict the animal representatives of rustic living: bears, ducks and deer. They also appreciate open, ergonomic floorplans which permit multiple people to bustle around the kitchen simultaneously. You don’t want to accidentally step on your mother-in-law while she’s preparing her famous chocolate chip waffles!


Ample Storage

Fishing gear. Hunting gear. Boating gear. Large, colorful animal-shaped floaties. The list of recreational paraphernalia that is requisite for lakefront living goes on and on. Containing so much stuff becomes a challenge for many lake lovers, which is why many of our clients ask us to build additions to their homes. Some opt for new detached garages; others merely request the addition of new walk-in closets. All of those features provide the extra storage space which makes life more convenient.


Luxurious Bathrooms

Most people spend 30 to 60 minutes in their bathrooms each day. But if you’re retreating to your lakehouse for some much-needed R&R, then you may just wish to spend even more time lounging in your bathroom. Consider adding a Jacuzzi-style bathtub, walk-in shower with multiple shower heads, or even a sauna. Gorgeous tile, countertops and lighting are just the icing on the cake.



More natural light. Additional space to spread out in. The ideal habitat for potted plants. The opportunity to appreciate the great outdoors, even when the weather is nasty. A sunroom makes the perfect addition to a lake home for all of these reasons – and its ability to appreciably increase any home’s market value is certainly not unwelcome, either!

Do you own a lake home – or any home, for that matter – in the greater St. Cloud, MN area? Then contact Wensmann Contractors today for the remodel that will truly make it your own personal piece of paradise! We have served lakehouse owners for many years. Whether you have exact expectations for your upcoming remodel or would appreciate our expert advice, we’re standing by to make your lake home exceptional!