Violent winds. Massive snowfalls. Driving rain. Central Minnesota may be a gorgeous place to call home, but its stormy weather is anything but friendly to our houses. Hail alone causes almost $1 billion in property damage each year!

If your home has sustained storm damage, then seeing to its immediate repair is imperative. Siding and roofing that are cracked, chipped, dented or otherwise distressed cannot effectively repel rainwater and meltwater. That can in turn lead to black mold infestation, which will further damage your property in addition to posing serious health risks. Storm damage restoration also helps to prevent a roof collapse, reduce heating and cooling bills by letting HVAC equipment operate more efficiently, and preserve your most valuable investment’s curb appeal.

But here’s the $10,000 question: how do you choose a storm damage contractor? You don’t want to hire a contractor who specializes in flooring, nor do you want one who promises results they aren’t able to deliver. Never fear. Just do a few key things the next time you need a storm damage contractor and rest assured you’ve chosen the right professional for the job.


Resist High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Many exterior remodelers across the country beeline to Minnesota after extreme weather events. They go door to door, often employing ungentlemanly sales tactics in order to pressure homeowners into engaging their services.

In all fairness, many of these “fly-by-nighters” are perfectly qualified to deliver the results they promise. But many aren’t, and they have little incentive to do quality work within a community they have no intention of continuing to serve. And if you notice any defects in their work after they’ve left your property, you will have virtually zero chance of reaching them.


Don’t Sign Anything Until You’re Ready

You’re no doubt eager to have your storm-damaged house repaired, but don’t let that cloud your judgment. Rather than sign the first contract a storm damage expert slides in front of you, shop around a little bit to find the best deal from the most qualified contractor. Unscrupulous contractors often exploit worried homeowners’ anxiety in order to sneak bad deals past them. The most reputable and reliable storm damage specialists won’t try to hurry your decision.


Ask for Referrals

You trust your friends, neighbors, coworkers and family members’ opinions when it comes to all sorts of matters. If one of them reports a recent positive exchange with a storm damage contractor, let it serve as an indication that the professional will meet your expectations as well.

Be on the Lookout for Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

You don’t want to risk hiring an amateur – or one who will make you vulnerable to ruinous lawsuits. That’s why you should ensure a storm damage contractor is licensed, bonded and insured before hiring them.

If you live in Minnesota, consult the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry’s online database before hiring any contractor, as that will reveal whether they are licensed and bonded. Request the contractor’s proof of insurance as well, and verify it is legitimate with their insurance provider. Don’t risk dealing with a conman. Do your own research!


Consult the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) isn’t the end-all authority on whether a storm damage contractor is qualified or not. But the non-profit organization does record complaints against contractors, and will be able to tell you if one has a reputation for subpar or otherwise unsatisfactory work.

On that note, you would be well advised to see whether a contractor has been involved in any lawsuits. Check the Minnesota Judicial Branch’s online database. A contractor who has played defendant many times doesn’t promise spectacular results at your home. Finally, check out Google Reviews. They aren’t the final word on whether a business is good or not, but they are informative nevertheless.

Are you looking for a local, honest, experienced and fully qualified storm damage contractor in Central Minnesota? Then we welcome you to contact Wensmann Contractors today! We take enormous pride in restoring houses to their best possible condition regardless of how extensively stormy weather might have damaged them.