Do You Need More Living Space?

Upgrade your house with home additions in the Waite Park & Sartell, MN area

Does your house need to grow to support your growing family? Maybe you just want more space to relax in. Home additions will give you the extra space you need. Wensmann Contractors builds home additions in the Waite Park & Sartell, MN area.

We can build your...

Bedroom addition
Garage addition
Dormer addition
Sunroom addition

Add to your living space while increasing the value of your home. Call Wensmann Contractors to find out about all your options for home additions in Waite Park & Sartell, MN or surrounding areas.

Make the most of your space

Adding living space to your house will help you get the most from your property. You can build a workout room instead of cramming exercise equipment wherever it will fit. A closed-back patio or sunroom will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors comfortably, and a bigger garage will give you the storage space you need for all of your tools and equipment.

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