Live in a Home Built Entirely for Your Needs

Work with a leading builder of custom homes in Waite Park & Sartell, MN

There are plenty of cookie-cutter homes on the market. Want to break free from the mold? Stop searching for someone else's dream home, and start building your own today. Contact Wensmann Contractors to discuss your plans for new construction in Waite Park & Sartell, MN.

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Personalize construction tailored for you

At Wensmann Contractors, we care a lot about your preferences and opinions. We'll listen closely to your design, budget and scheduling goals to ensure a finished product you'll love. Hire a custom home builder for new construction to benefit from:

  • Low-cost maintenance-modern plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems translate to extremely low maintenance needs in your brand-new home.
  • Worry-free moving into your new construction home
  • Energy efficiency-modern insulation and building practices allow for extreme energy efficiency. Pay less on your monthly energy bills.
  • Custom design-live in a home that is designed specifically for your lifestyle and needs.
Know that each and every detail of your home was designed just for you. Your new home is waiting. Contact Wensmann Contractors to get started in Waite Park & Sartell, MN.